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Dublin Insulation, trading as Bunclody Insulations Ltd. Dublin Insulations specialise in both commercial and domestic insulation.
More and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to have a well-insulated home. This can provide with you a warm cosy home / office in the winter and a cool refreshing space in the summer months. You can regulate the temperature of your home all year round.
We are all too aware of the cost of heating a home, so it makes sense to keep as much heat inside your house as possible. We also know how unpredictable Irish weather can be, and how quickly we can get bad spells of frost or snow. A lot of older houses in Ireland (pre 1980) are not very energy efficient and can lose a huge amount of heat .

Do you know how much heat your home is losing?(average guide)

  • Approx. 30% - 35% of heat is lost through the roof.
  • 25% - 30% can be lost through the walls.
  • Floor loss accounts for 7% - 10%.
  • Window loss is approx. 15%
  • Ventilation & Chimney loss up to 25%

Why should I insulate my home?

You can save a lot of money when you insulate your home.
As there is so much heat lost through walls / roofs etc., you need to find a way to keep this in. When you insulate your home or workplace, you will notice your heating bill start to drop. It is an investment that will pay for itself over time. The time will depend on the type of insulation you get. Speak to one of our team who can advise on how quickly it will pay for itself.

It adds value to your property.
Any home which is being offered for sale or even for rent, must provide a BER (Building Energy Rating). This indicates how energy efficient the place is. This is calculated depending on a number of factors. The scale is from A – G, with A being the most efficient. A well-insulated home will rate higher on this scale and increase value.

You will be doing your bit to conserve energy and contribute towards a better environment.
It makes sense that the more heat our homes or offices lose, the more we are going to turn up the heat, throw more fuel on the fire etc. This in turn uses up far more electricity, gas, solid fuels, like coal, turf etc. These resources will not last forever and we need to more careful than ever how we use them. We also need to take into account the fumes that we put back into the air when we use them. By insulating your home you will be cutting down on the amount of fuel you and your family are using.

Reduce draughts in your home.
We all know the feeling of sitting in a room and feeling a draught. It is not good for your health and you can lose a lot of heat this way. Hold a candle up to the edges of a door of windows. If the candle is flickering, there is air getting in. Insulation can help eliminate this problem.

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